Flu Mask Fashion?

Flu Mask Fashion

If you don’t want it, flaunt it.

As swine flu approaches the pandemic stage, a new fad is going viral: the swine flu fashion mask.

Graphic designers and online retailers are offering swinophobes everywhere the chance to make a fashion statement — even as they ward off the deadly bug.

• Click here for photos of fashion flu masks.

It’s been barely a week since the H1N1 virus seized hold of America’s attention and immune systems, and the sartorial scrubs are already flying off the shelves.

Nuvo Accessories, an online retailer that is making animal-print and bandanna-style flu masks, said it’s preparing to ship about 2,500 units it’s sold in the past five days.

Too sad.  Superficial people get over yourselves!

via FOXNews.com – Flu Masks in Fashion as Virus Nears Pandemic Stage – Health News | Current Health News | Medical News.


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