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New Light Shed on Human Evolution


Now isn’t this interesting?  I think it is.  I find this huge human genomic study will make the science of human evolution stand on its head.  And based on how its explained here, I find it more plausible than the other theory of humans  leaving Africa en mass colonizing Europe and Asia.

A new genetic study of a group of sub-Saharan peoples has challenged the prevailing view that modern humans emerged from one location in Africa before spreading out across the world.

An international research team found that the Khoe and San groups from southern Africa are descendants of the earliest diversification event in the history of modern humans – 100,000 years ago.

Instead of localising the origin of modern humans to a single geographic region in Africa, the researchers discovered a complex record of interbreeding and genetic stratification, challenging the view of evolution in one place. Details appear in the journal Science.

via New genetic light shed on human evolution – FT.com.


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