Human Trafficking Victims Recovered at Super Bowl

How disgusting can you get. It’s vile that anyone would want to force anyone else in to a life of sex.

From the article:

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual money making events in the dark underworld of human trafficking.

Last year, the FBI announced that it rescued 16 juveniles and arrested more than 45 pimps in child-sex trafficking operations during the Super Bowl and all its heyday. Preparties. Postparties. Lots of people with lots of disposable income to blow; pardon the pun. I imagine drugs will be rampant at these parties too. Most of the local victims we’ve dealt with over the past year readily admitted that drugs were a gateway into their human trafficking journey and most certainly a daily necessity provided or forced while on the job.


via Hundreds of Trafficked Victims Rescued Before the Super Bowl | Fayetteville DreamCenter.


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