Kim Dotcom Releases CCTV Footage of Illegal Police Raid

Footage From the Raid

Amazing they tried to take him down before crossing their t’s and dotting their I’s being Kim Dotcom is loaded with a great lawyer.

Kim Dotcom isn’t your average CEO, and we shouldn’t expect average home videos. His latest YouTube video is anything but. It’s a carefully-cut sequence that details the police raid on his New Zealand home.

As you’d expect from someone who owns a $150,000 Maserati and a full-scale replica of one of the aliens from Predator, Dotcom has his entire compound blanketed with high-quality surveillance cameras. He also, apparently, has a quadcopter hooked into his system.

Assault rifles drawn, police officers wasted no time in rounding up Dotcom’s staff and guests who happened to be outside when the raid began early last year. Once police had gained access to the home, they wasted no time in opening the massive garage and hauling off Dotcom’s exotic car collection.

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