Free Cole; Double Standard in Johnston County

Amazing.  How can a principal bring a gun to school and not lose his job, and not get arrested–but was suspended for three days?  However, a student accidentally brings a gun to school, does the right thing by calling  home for his parents to come get it, and he gets arrested?  Also, he is an honors student and an Eagle Scout.

'Free Cole' controversy takes over Johnston County town |

According to law enforcement officials, punishments are not the same for students and school administrators who commit crimes on school property in Johnston County.

One day after a Johnston County high school senior was expelled for having an unloaded gun on campus, ABC11 learned administrators only suspended an assistant principal at the same school for a similar incident last year.

David “Cole” Withrow is a Princeton High School honors student who was arrested Monday and charged with a felony for having a shotgun in his truck in the school parking lot. Sources told ABC11 the Eagle Scout forgot it was still in the truck after skeet shooting over the weekend.

Once he remembered, he used the phone in the school office to call his mom. Administrators overheard him, and he was arrested and expelled.

via ‘Free Cole’ controversy takes over Johnston County town |

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