BP Oil Spill Cleanup Killing Sea Life

Just wow.

Three years ago, when BP’s Deepwater Horizon began leaking some 210 million gallons of Louisiana Crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. government allowed the company to apply chemical “dispersants,” Corexit, to the oil slick to prevent toxic gunk from reaching the fragile bays, beaches, and mangroves of the coast, where so much marine life originates. But TakePart’s Ocean Expert expert and “Death at Seaworld” author, David Kirby, now reports that a number of recent studies show that BP and the feds may have made a huge mistake, for which everything from microscopic organisms to bottlenose dolphins are now paying the highest price.

Corexit dispersants emulsify oil into tiny beads, causing them to sink toward the bottom. When BP began spraying the Gulf, critics said Corexit is not only toxic to marine life on its own, but when combined with crude oil, the mixture becomes several times more toxic than oil or dispersant alone. Not surprisingly, BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley defended use of the dispersant saying it is s harmless to marine life,

via Blogs – Fayobserver.com – 3 years after BP oil spill, scientists discover agent used for cleanup is destroying marine life.


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