FBI Manhunt is On

To be downright honest, I am glad the FBI hasn’t released those photos yet.  This is more/less so the FBI can get to them before people can take out street justice on them–although I agree that these two deserve some street justice for what they have done.

Please note that I am not including any of the photos in the news article linked to below the quote from the article.  They are very graphic.  Also, they show a possible person that may be sought by the FBI, but his/her face is not shown from the camera. 

One of the two men being sought over the Boston Marathon bombing dressed up like a runner in an apparent bid to blend in with the crowd.Photos obtained by the FBI show the man in his 20s in a light blue sports top which is the same color and shade as that worn by the 26,000 people who competed in the race.The pictures have been circulated to law enforcement agencies around the region but have not been made public as FBI sources claim it would jeopardize the investigation.The photos have also been seen by members of the media – including MailOnline – who have agreed not to reproduce them.However, other publications have chosen to ignore the FBI guidance and publish the pictures which are now circulating on the internet.The FBI is this morning under increasing pressure to officially explain why the images have not been publicly released but is refusing to make any comment.However, agents are believed to be considering releasing the images later today.In the photos, the first man is also carrying a blue sports bag on his left shoulder which appears to be heavily loaded, and is wearing a blue athletic top.The other man being sought, also in his 20s, is wearing a white cap, a black Nike top, jeans and sunglasses – which makes him look like he could be a athlete in the crowd too. The two men have not yet been named.He is carrying a black backpack which looks overloaded and has something poking against the inside of the front back pocket.In one photo taken at 10.53am on Monday he is seen wearing it – but in another taken at 12:30pm he is not. The first explosion happened just over two hours later, at 2.50pm.

via Boston bombings suspect latest: FBI hunt for men with back-packs near marathon finish line | Mail Online.


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