Walmart Canada’s New Sustainability via Transportation

Awesome!  Talk about, “Save Money.  Live Better.”

The supercube trailer for Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada’s 60-foot supercube allows us to ship almost 30% more product than a standard 53-foot trailer and features sustainable improvements.

When your workplace spans 3,500 miles from coast to coast, the best way to turn heads is to show up with a tricked-out set of wheels. In our case, the wheels can carry up to 5,100 cubic feet of cargo.

Walmart Canada has made greening the supply chain a significant priority and investment over the past few years through a number of different initiatives. One area where we saw great opportunity was with our fleet; we wanted to find a way to deliver more products to our stores using fewer trucks, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. We found the answer in a pilot program using longer, drop-deck trailers we call supercubes. This first-of-its-kind trailer is 60 feet long and has an interior space of 5,100 cubic feet, providing enough room to ship almost 30 percent more volume than a standard 53-foot trailer.

Using these larger trailers takes cars off the road, cutting carbon emissions and saving energy. But their appeal also goes beyond sustainability, which is a happy accident. They’re all-around better trailers with more up-to-date features and—quite simply—they’re just cool-looking vehicles, inside and out. Features include fuel-saving resistance tires and side skirts that decrease aerodynamic drag under the vehicle and consequently, overall fuel consumption. In addition, these vehicles include flush-mounted, timer-set LED lights at the trailer entrance that shut off automatically when not in use. We first introduced the supercube during our Fall 2012 Transportation Sustainability Conference, and we received such great feedback on this innovative and efficient transportation solution that we are excited to roll it out more broadly.

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