Gas Explosion Insurance Fraud

Well, damn.  I never of thought that this gas explosion would, please excuse the pun, explode on us like this.  If any of this turns out to be true, I hope all three rot in prison for this.  They did not think how this would impact others and many lives have been devastated, all for money.

from AP:  Some of the homes lost in the Richmond Hill blast.

Three Indianapolis residents accused of causing a gas explosion, which killed a couple and destroyed 33 homes, in order to fraudulently receive insurance money were held in jail today and could face the death penalty.

Monserrate Shirley, her boyfriend Mark Leonard, and his brother, Bob Leonard, were held without bond following a short court hearing, reported.

The trio stand accused of causing a raging blaze which not only led to irreparable damage of Shirley’s home and 32 others in Richmond Hill but also killed a husband and wife.

They deny the charges and pleaded not-guilty yesterday.

Shirley’s neighbours, second-grade teacher Jennifer Longworth, 36, and her husband John Dion Longworth, 34, an electronics expert, were killed on November 10.

Shirley and the Leonard brothers stand accused of their murder, arson and other counts following the incident.

Yesterday a Marion County judge entered not guilty pleas for all three as relatives of the Longworths and owners of the damaged properties watched in court.

John Dion Longworth’s aunt, Pam Mosser, a psychiatric nurse, said: “Dion and Jennifer died suffering and screaming”.

Court documents claim 47-year-old Shirley was heavily in debt owing $63,000 on credit cards and in bankruptcy proceedings, while her 43-year-old boyfriend is said to have lost thousands in a casino trip three weeks before the blast.

via Three accused of causing killer Indianapolis gas explosion kept in jail without bond as prosecutor says he will ‘seek death penalty’ | Mail Online.


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