Civitas: WCPSS to Disenfranchise Thousands of Children

Now this is some scary stuff.  I cannot WCPSS would do something like this.

Parents across Wake County are receiving a pamphlet describing the 2013-14 Student Assignment Plan. Included in the description is a list of “required documents” for those families wishing to enroll a child in a Wake Co. school. The list of required documents is also available online, and it includes:

Required documents

Completed enrollment forms

A certified copy of your child’s birth certificate

Proof of your Wake County address (current water, gas, or electric bill in parent’s name, new signed lease, or offer to purchase agreement)

A photo ID of the parent or guardian

Your child’s immunization record

Any custody documents

Doing some very rough, back of the envelope estimates, we see that hundreds if not thousands of Wake Co. children will be prohibited from enrolling in school. After all, the “experts” tell us that anywhere from eight percent to 11 percent of adult North Carolinians have no photo ID. In a school district totaling more than 143,000 students, that would add to quite a few children whose parents wouldn’t meet the required documentation. I’m sure the media will report on this scandal as the reports come out about all these adults without photo ID being unable to enroll their children in school.

via Racist Wake Co. School Board Seeks to Disenfranchise Children – Civitas Review.


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