Electioneering at the Voting Both

An issue of religion?  Nope.  Not buying that load of manure.  She wore that shirt in a spot where no electioneering is allowed.  It seems to me she was electioneering   In that case, I agree with the voting area staff that told her to cover up the shirt.  Good for them for not allowing someone to electioneer.

A Texas woman claims she was told that her “Vote the Bible” T-shirt may be offensive and was forced to cover up when she went to vote early at the City Hall in Taylor County, Texas last week, MyFoxAustin.com reported.

Attorney Jonathan Seinz, the president of Texas Values, says Kay Hill was ‘targeted because of her religious beliefs.’

He says he’s prepared to defend Hill because he believes she was asked to give up her religious freedom in order to vote.

“This is obviously a religious free expression and no one should be put in a position having to choose religious freedom over deciding to vote,” he said.

via Texas woman forced to cover up ‘Vote the Bible’ T-shirt at polls | Fox News.


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