Source: Mother and child kidnapped for robbery


Wow.  What a wild story.  I cannot believe someone has thought this out; that this would work.  I do hope this police get this solved soon and that the child and mother/employee of the bank will be fine.  Also, did they kidnappers not think the school the child goes to will think its odd that the child is gone from school?

ABC11 is learning from multiple sources that a woman and a 12-year-old child were apparently kidnapped from their Harnett County home Thursday to be used in a bank heist.

The woman is apparently an employee of the Crescent State Bank in Sanford.

Details of what happened are still sketchy, but sources said it appears the mother and child were kidnapped from their home in the 3800 block of Hillmon Grove Road near Cameron by two men.

They were then driven to the bank at 870 Spring Lane in Sanford where the men attempted a robbery.

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The men then left with the child.

The child and the car they were driving were found a short time later. The men were still on the loose.

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