Sandusky Joined Mile-High Club With Boys?


A man has come forward alleging he saw Jerry Sandusky and a prominent Penn State University donor sexually abusing two boys together aboard a private plane, it was claimed on Monday.

The FBI is reportedly taking the accusations ‘seriously,’ and has opened an investigation into a pedophile sex ring that could spread beyond the former Penn State football coach.

Until now, authorities have believed that Sandusky was a lone abuser. The newest allegations threaten bring out more horrifying revelations about sexual abuse surrounding the once-prestigious college athletics program. reports that the witness, who has business ties to the Penn State booster, told postal inspectors and the FBI that he was aboard the private plane when the alleged abuse occurred.

He said he remained silent about what he saw until now and does not know whether the boys are new victims or if they have already been identified as having been abused by the former defensive coordinator.

‘If the Feds can prove what this witness is saying then a sickening situation just got worse,’ an anonymous source told Radar.

‘The witness does not know who the boys are and if they were from Sandusky’s Second Mile charity. He can prove his tie to the booster but the Feds are going to have to prove the rest.’

According to Radar Online, federal authorities are looking into the possibility that Sandusky shared his young victims with other pedophiles including a ‘very rich, very powerful man connected with the university.’

via Penn State sex abuse scandal: Witness says he saw Sandusky and donor abuse two boys | Mail Online.


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