Woman on Meds Falls Asleep in Cart; Man Steals Her Purse

Douchebag of the year?  How dare he take advantage of her like that!  He has a special place in hell.Closer Image of Robber

Douche bag the police are looking for

A 76-year-old woman shopping at a Roxboro Walmart Monday was robbed of her purse and other belongings after she fell asleep in the store, police said Wednesday.

Roxboro Police Chief Todd Boycher said Queen Walters had been using a scooter to shop at the store, at 1049 Durham Road, and that she became groggy from some medication she has been taking before she undergoes rotator cuff surgery.

“I was never that sick before,” she said. “That medicine is no good, and I hope my doctor is looking at this. He gave me too strong a medicine.”

Store surveillance video showed Walters leaning back and asleep on the scooter when a man approached her, looked around and then took her purse. Inside were her keys, credit card, license, a significant amount of cash and medication.

via 76-year-old’s purse stolen after she fell asleep at Walmart :: WRAL.com.


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