Grocery Bagger Charged With Stealing $31K

Wow!  A bag boy hands you money and you don’t question it and take it from him?  You deserve to be charged as a co-conspirator.

A teenager who bagged groceries at Carlie C’s IGA in Erwin is accused of stealing $31,000 from the store since May, authorities said.

Cody Lee Jernigan, 18, of the 200 block of Middle Road in Dunn, is charged with eight counts of larceny by employee and one count each of larceny and possessing stolen property, said Detective J. Royal of the Erwin Police Department.

Four other teens, including a 15-year-old, have been charged as co-conspirators, Royal said. None of the others worked at Carlie C’s. All five were arrested July 19, Royal said.

Jernigan’s job was to stock shelves and bag groceries. When the store manager was away from his office, Jernigan would slip in and take money, Royal said. A surveillance camera in the office recorded at least some of the thefts.

Jernigan gave some of the money to the four others, who are charged with conspiracy, larceny and possession of stolen property, Royal said. They are Jonathan Chase Schaeding, 18, of the 600 block of South 17th Street in Erwin; Jay Kelly Frazee, 19, of the 500 block of South Powell Avenue in Dunn; and Cayce Nilsen, 17, of the 5500 block of Bryant Pond Road in Dunn. The 15-year-old, who is charged through juvenile petitions, was not identified because of her age.

Bail for Jernigan, Schaeding, Frazee and Nilsen was set at $25,000 each, Royal said.

via – Grocery bagger stole $31,000 from Carlie C’s, say Erwin police.


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