Use Caution to Support Colorado Victims

I can totally understand the need/want to help the victims of the mass shooting in Colorado that happened on Friday.  However, there are scam artists out there that will take advantage of the situation–anything from mass shootings to changes in the law.  Please be careful.

Caution is key as people rush online to support shooting survivors - Technolog on

In the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, Colo., pages have cropped up in online communities — such as Reddit and Facebook — promoting opportunities to help survivors and victims’ families. While there are plenty of ways to help, it’s not surprising that many of those ways involve money.

Take, for instance, the Facebook page that former Denver resident Laura Alier started in the wee hours of Friday morning, when she learned of the rampage. “Please use this page as a central place to share information and resources,” she wrote. “Perhaps we can use this to find ways to help in the coming days and weeks.”

And indeed, with over 8,500 likes and hundreds of posts, Alier’s page is finding many non-financial uses. In addition to being a safe place for witnesses and outsiders alike to share news, discuss the tragedy and post homespun tributes, the page has served to point witnesses to mental health resources and help mourners find venues to hold vigils. One woman has offered to print out-of-towners’ messages to bring to the shooting memorial. “It would be my honor, she wrote.

via Caution is key as people rush online to support shooting survivors – Technolog on


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