NCAA Punishes Penn State; Most Paterno Wins Vacated

7/24/2012 Edit:  Title corrected to reflect that most of Paterno’s wins were vacated, not all.

Good to see that the NCAA is taking this very seriously; and that they are sending a message out to other universities that they MUST keep an eye on their athletic programs while at the same time not punishing the athletes currently in the program that need or want to compete post season if the team deserves it.

Penn State’s football was given severe punishment for the school’s handling of the sex abuse scandal involving former football assistant Jerry Sandusky.

NCAA President Mark Emmert made the announcement Monday morning that the program would be hit a four-year postseason ban and a $60 million fine.

In addition, the school will be forced to cut 10 scholarships for this season and 20 scholarships for the following four years.

The move essentially bumps Penn State down to the scholarship levels of schools at the lower Football Championship Subdivision.

The school will be forced to vacate all wins from 1998-2011, a total of 112 victories, and serve five years of probation.

Because of the length of the punishment, all current Penn State players and incoming freshman will be free to transfer to another school without penalty.

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