Military has a My Little Poney Fan Club?

Where do I even begin?  Bronies?  Grown men watching “My Little Pony”?  I cannot believe this is even happening.  Besides, they are not supposed to wearing those unapproved patches on their uniforms.  Oh well. graphic about military men wearing a

There’s a new insignia showing up on the sleeves of a small group of military men, but instead of denoting rank, it advertises their love for a cartoon inspired by the girlish 1980s plastic toy called “My Little Pony.”

So-called “Bronies,” adult men who are fans of the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” have apparently been around at least since 2010, when the Hasbro-owned cartoon first aired. Within their ranks are “Military Bronies,” service members from all branches of the military who share their love of the show and wear the “cutie mark” — a Rainbow Dash patch on their uniforms, Army Times first reported.

The bond may seem strange for men entrusted with defending their nation, but the Military Bronies’ Facebook page has more than 1,500 “likes” and has inspired websites like FOB Equestria, where members proudly display their patches and profess their love for a show aimed at children. In a post to the Facebook page, a self-described serviceman who gave his name, but no branch or rank said fellow Bronies have made a soldier out of him.

via Warhorse: The military’s ‘My Little Pony’ fan club | Fox News.


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