Jury Selection Tomorrow for Sandusky

The trial for this alleged pedophile is getting ready to start in earnest.  Starting Tuesday, July 5, jury selection will begin.  This judge seems to be a no-nonsense judge–just what this case needs.  Sandusky and his lawyer(s) have tried everything they can to delay this trial.  I do not agree with that tactic, and the judge has all-but refused to allow that to happen.  The sooner we know if he is in fact a pedophile, the sooner we can get him off the streets; and out of his house which, interestingly, sits behind an elementary school playground.

Sandusky and his big nose.

Alleged victims of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will not be allowed to avoid disclosure of their names by testifying under pseudonyms, and tweets or other electronic communications by reporters will not be permitted during the trial, the judge ruled Monday.

Judge John Cleland also resolved a dispute over research into potential jurors, a day before jury selection is scheduled to start in Sandusky’s trial on charges he sexually abused 10 boys.

via Sandusky judge denies accusers’ bid for pseudonyms | Fox News.

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