SC Woman Sues Bar for Not Checking Her ID

Wow!  She has nerve for suing them for her injuries.  I do not know the law in SC, but in NC, as long as she looks older than 40, she can not be IDd.

SC woman sues bar for not checking her ID |

A woman is suing a Bluffton bar because a bartender didn’t check her age before serving her on the night of the 2009 wreck that paralyzed her.

The Beaufort Gazette reports ( ) that Chelsea Hess, who was then 20 years old, is a paraplegic because of the accident.

Hess’ lawsuit in 14th Circuit Court says she was served at Jock’s Sports Grill, but the bartender failed to check her ID or to determine if she was already drunk.

She’s also suing the state Department of Transportation, saying the agency failed to properly maintain the shoulder of the road where her car crashed.

Both the company that owns the bar and the DOT denied Hess’ claims in court papers.

Lawyers for both say Hess is responsible for her accident.

via SC woman sues bar for not checking her ID |


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