FedEx Guy Chunks PC Monitor Over Fence

He couldn’t place down on the other side of the fence?  He carelessly chunks the monitor over the fence!  And not just any monitor–a Samsung monitor at that!  Geez!

FexEx Deuch

FedEx has vowed to track down the deliveryman who was caught on video carelessly tossing a computer monitor over a fence during a delivery.

Company spokeswoman Shea Leordeanu would not say what would become of the employee once they find him, but added: ‘This won’t be his best day.’

The  hilariously sad clip of a FedEx delivery man chucking the computer monitor has attracted nearly 200,000 viewers on YouTube in a single day, many of whom expressed fears that their holiday packages would be treated with the same regard.

via FedEx guy caught throwing computer monitor over fence in YouTube video | Mail Online.

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