NC HP Troopers Send Vulgar Texts; Suspended

Seriously?  Did these troopers really send each other vulgar text messages from state owned phones?  Despite knowing that violates state policies?  Idiots.  They don’t deserve to be on the force.


The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Wednesday that one of two troopers involved in an incident with the wife of a Raleigh attorney has been given a four-day suspension without pay as punishment.

Trooper Andrew Smith will begin serving the suspension immediately.

The suspension comes after an internal investigation that concluded Smith’s behavior was unprofessional and violated the Highway Patrol’s conduct policy.

The investigation began after the Highway Patrol received a letter of complaint from Hoyt Tessener, a Raleigh lawyer, alleging misconduct by Trooper Edward Wyrick during a traffic stop of his wife, Gina Tessener.

The Tesseners said Wyrick was bullying and overly aggressive.

During their investigation, the Highway Patrol released text messages exchanged between Trooper Smith and Trooper Wyrick in reference to pulling over Gina Tessener.

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