Student Pretends to Be Pregnant for Project

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This girl is going places.  I commend her for her dedication to the project–she will need this dedication; and she will be able to call upon this experience when she becomes a social worker.

A high school student in Washington faked being pregnant for six months as a social experiment for her senior project.

Yakima High School student Gaby Rodriguez took off her belly bundle Wednesday in front of a stunned student assembly, which erupted in a standing ovation.

In a presentation called “stereotypes, rumors and statistics,” the 17-year-old revealed to the school many of the things she’d heard being said about her while she faked she was “pregnant,” The Daily Mail reported.

“I’m fighting against those stereotypes and rumors because the reality is I’m not pregnant,” Rodriguez said at the end, removing her prosthetic bundle.

“At times, I just wanted to take it off and be done. I didn’t want to go through this any more,” Rodriguez, an aspiring social worker, told The Daily Mail.

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