@ Obama fundraiser, protestors: “…were’s our change?”

This is great that they beat Obama at his own game by getting into his fund raiser and protested from within.  I do hope his group keeps up the great work.

The 10 singers then passed around 8.5×11 signs that said “Free Bradley Manning” or had a photo of him.Then the woman in the white suit stripped off her jacket to reveal a black T-shirt that said Free Bradley Manning, with an image of him. “We paid our dues. Where’s our change?” they sang. USSS and WH staff had moved near the table at this point. The woman was escorted out. Two others left on their own. (The rest stayed and applauded at the end of POTUS’s speech.)

via DRUDGE: Protesters hit high-end Obama fundraiser… ‘We paid our dues — were’s our change?’.

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