Ft. Bragg Soldier Shoots Woman in Same Vehicle Along All-American


All-American Shooting Freeway Shooting Crime Scene.


Wow!  I hope its PTSD and not him just being mad at her.   That way this will make at least some sense.

Police said motorists should avoid the All-American Freeway from Fort Bragg towards the city limits of Fayetteville while they investigate a shooting.

They said the road is shut down until further notice.

ABC11 reporter Greg Barnes says police have told him there was some type of incident between a Fort Bragg soldierand a woman in a SUV and the woman was shot in the head.

The man then ran from the car and was captured a short distance away.

Pictures from the scene showed a black SUV stopped in the median surrounded by yellow crime tape.

The woman is reportedly getting emergency treatment at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

All out-bound traffic from Fort Bragg is shut down. If traveling the All-American Freeway (southbound), motorists must exit at Santa Fe Drive.

via All-American Freeway closed after shooting | abc11.com.


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