EMC’s RSA Hacked!


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Only one word for this:  Damn!!

The world’s biggest maker of data storage computers on Thursday said that its security division has been hacked, and that the intruders compromised a widely used technology for preventing computer break-ins.

The breach is an embarrassment for EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC), also a premier security vendor, and potentially threatens highly sensitive computer systems.

(EMC has a growing presence in the Research Triangle Park area with both manufacturing and research and development operations.)

The incident is a rare public acknowledgement by a security company that its internal anti-hacking technologies have been hacked. It is especially troubling because the technology sold by EMC’s security division, RSA, plays an important role in making sure unauthorized people aren’t allowed to log into heavily guarded networks.

The scope of the attack wasn’t immediately known, but the potential fallout could be widespread. RSA’s customers include the military, governments, various banks and medical facilities and health insurance outfits. EMC, which is based Hopkinton, Mass., itself is an RSA customer.

via Hackers crack anti-hacking division at EMC :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL Tech Wire.


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