Walmart Commits $5M to Japan

Awsome news.  Way to go Walmart.  Doing things great like only Walmart can.

Today Walmart (NYSE: WMT) announced an initial commitment of $5 million (USD) in cash and in-kind donations for emergency relief efforts in response to the tragic 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that have left thousands dead and tens of thousands homeless in Japan. Also, Walmart operations around the world are planning or have implemented fundraising drives among associates and customers to provide additional relief funds for the victims.

Within the first three days following the earthquake and tsunami, Walmart associates, working across Japan, quickly took action to help by setting up distribution points for relief items in our store parking lots when the stores themselves were too damaged to open. In the immediate aftermath, our stores and distribution centers provided in kind donations to the victims including water, food and sanitary items.

via Walmart Commits $5 Million in Response to Japan Earthquake.


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