Zhara “Parents” Not in Court

Wow!  If I was accused of killing my daughter, I would want every opportunity to clear my name by going to every court date–to include my lawyer being there as well.

“The father and stepmother of a disabled girl who North Carolina police say was killed skipped opportunities to appear in court Thursday on charges unrelated to the girl’s disappearance.

Adam and Elisa Baker had court hearings scheduled on misdemeanor charges. Neither appeared in person.

Adam Baker is free on bail. His lawyer, Mark Killian, declined to discuss the investigation into Zahra Baker’s death. Outside the courthouse, two people held signs demanding Adam Baker’s punishment for his daughter’s death.

Adam Baker, 33, is holding up “as well as can be expected under the circumstances,” Killian said. “Right now, he still wants time to grieve and absorb everything that’s happened.”

Adam Baker is scheduled to face other charges unrelated to Zahra’s disappearance in neighboring Catawba County on Friday.

Police said last week they found a bone belonging to Zahra Baker at one location and other remains at a second site about five miles away. Investigators haven’t said how she died.

Lawyers for the girl’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, said in court documents the woman told police that Zahra Baker’s body was dismembered after her death. Elisa Baker guided investigators to remote locations where the girl’s remains were dumped, her attorneys said.

Elisa Baker, 42, has been in jail since the day after Zahra was reported missing on Oct. 9. She is accused of trying to throw off investigators by writing a fake ransom note for another child.

Zahra was born in Australia and would have turned 11 last Tuesday. She lost a leg to cancer before moving to North Carolina with her father about two years ago. The disease also forced her to use hearing aids.”

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