Rangel Violated House Rules



I hope he is impeached; if not by Congress then by the people of Harlem!

A House member who once wielded great influence was convicted Tuesday on 11 counts of breaking ethics rules and now faces punishment. The veteran lawmaker immediately denounced the verdict as unfair.An ethics panel of eight House peers deliberated over two days before delivering a jarring blow to the Democratic Rep. Charles Rangels 40-year career. Rangel was charged with 13 counts of financial and fundraising misconduct.The conviction also was another setback for Democrats who lost control of the House to the Repulicans in the Nov. 2 elections.Rangel, a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is not expected to resign. He is 80 years old and remains a dominant political figure in New Yorks famed Harlem neighborhood that he represents.He was forced to step down last March as chairman of the committee that oversees tax and trade policy when the House ethics committee, in a separate case, admonished him for taking two Caribbean trips paid for by corporations.

via Ethics Panel Finds Rangel Guilty on 11 Violations of House Rules – FoxNews.com.


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