Oprah Does Child Molestation Show, Then Michael Jackson Children


TMZ.com graphic of Michael Jackson and Oprah


Seriously?  Have we gone down to this?  As far as I am concerned, MJ was a pedophile, and Oprah is bringing it out into the open because these people need to be talked about due to the damage they cause there victims that last a lifetime; and can then effect others as well.  Way to go Oprah!

A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California tells TMZ, “We are both angry and disappointed in Oprah’s constant need to reference child molestation shows prior to airing Michael Jackson related episodes.  Her tone seems to speak volumes.”

Oprah called the whole thing “purely coincidental” … but MJ fans aren’t convinced. The rep adds, “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?”

As we previously reported, Oprah’s big interview with Michael Jackson’s children is scheduled to air next Monday — three days after Friday’s big show … entitled “200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward.”

via MJ Fans: Oprah’s Molestation Show Is No ‘Coincidence’ | TMZ.com.

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