Nationwide Sued Because of Atrocious Behavior of Employees in Raleigh, NC

If what this gentleman says is true, then Nationwide should not make him make another payment, and pay to move him back in, fix any issues that have occurred due to lack of maintenance since they kicked him out, and all expenses occurred to him and his family due to this huge error by the  company’s employees.  And if someone else has moved in, Nationwide should help them move as well.  This poor guy has been taken wronged in a huge way!

Christopher Joy said the problem started when his mortgage company merged with another. Soon, he got a letter saying his payment was to increase by $1,000 per month. Joy said he tried to resolve the mistake, but could not get answers.

The two trustee companies eventually took over his mortgage, and started foreclosure proceedings.

Joy said he was looking forward to his day in court.

“Someone would finally get a chance to hear my story,” he said.

But, the case was continued and Joy said he never heard another word about the issue until the sheriff’s office sent a letter saying he had to pack up everything and move out.

“I discovered that my house was actually sold in January and I was actually still living in the home,” Joy said.

Joy said he missed the hearing to fight for his home because the trustee companies never notified him of the court date, which is required by law.

He pulled his file from the Wake County clerk’s office and found errors including a court order that was never signed.

“At that point, I knew deep down in my heart that something was wrong,” Joy said.

Clerk of Superior Court Lorrin Freeman said when it became clear the companies did not notify Joy and misreported information to the clerk’s office, the court issued an immediate order to give Joy back his home.

Joy and his attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit saying they have proof that employees of Nationwide Trustee Services and Litton Loan Servicing knew about the mistakes early and intentionally pushed forward with foreclosure anyway.

“Before I was wrongfully evicted out of my home someone knew that they did something wrong,” Joy said.

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