Etheridge Demands Recount

Congressman Etheridge, you have been given an opportunity to serve, and your nickname amongst the people is “Do nothing Etheridge”.  Stop being a sour looser and step down with grace, while you still have some left.  Its bad enough that you beat up college students that want to ask you some questions; but you now have to beat your opponent?  A very sad state of affairs in your area Congressman Etheridge.

Unofficial Tuesday night poll results show the career nurse who became a Tea Party favorite in North Carolina has ousted the veteran Democratic lawmaker from Congress.

But Congressman Bob Etheridge isn’t giving up. He said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon that the race for the US House of Representatives District 2 seat is too tight to call.

He said the margin is less than one percent, and that because of that, he’s asking the State Board of Elections for a recount.

He said provisional and overseas ballots are still being counted.

“It is incumbent upon all of us that this procedure be allowed to work,” he said. “Any declaration of victory is premature and a disservice to the people of the Second District who have yet to have their voices heard and counted. Procedures are in place to ensure accuracy, integrity, and that your right to one person one vote is properly exercised … I am confident that when this process is over I will have the opportunity to continue to serve you in this role.

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