Civil War At The UN

Something like a civil war has erupted between United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the branches of the world organization that are supposed to oversee, constrain and fund the U.N.’s sprawling central bureaucracy.

At issue is the accountability and effectiveness of the entire U.N. Secretariat — a ponderous bureaucracy that everyone agrees is in need of reform, but somehow continues to evade it. In some quarters, patience is apparently wearing thin.

As one sign of that, in a remarkable public slap at the secretary general, the U.N.’s powerful, budget-setting Fifth Committee, which represents all U.N. member states, late last week passed a resolution ordering him to throw out a plan that he claimed would transform the Secretariat into something more responsible and effective.

The committee said that Ban should try again — only much, much harder.

Wow!  Is it possible to be less effective than it already is?  It seems to me like the Fifth Committee is trying to allow Ki-moon to reform things, but he is going about it the wrong way.  To read the Fifth Committee’s resolution on the issue, go here.

The story: – U.N. Secretary General Embroiled in Civil War Over Do-Nothing Bureaucracy – United Nations.


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