Note Left After Hit-and-Run

Police in League City, Texas, say a hit-and-run driver in a fatal crash apparently left a note expressing remorse near the victim’s body.

Driving away is bad enoug, but to leave a note takes nerve, and is stupid!  Whomever did this should be caught for his/her stupidity.

via – ‘Sorry’ Note Left Near Texas Hit-and-Run Victim – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News.


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One response to “Note Left After Hit-and-Run”

  1. chirpchirp says :

    I agree, that was a terrible way to handle hitting a person with a car. Driving a car is such a serious responsibility. I can’t believe it when people assume they can safely drive a car while sleepy, drunk, or on a phone. Driving irresponsibly in order to get to a location in a timely manner is not worth the risk. Clearly, there are too many drivers who don’t think this through and as a result property and lives are damaged. There are many programs out there that educate drivers on precautions that should be taken, dangers to be prepared for, and training to be better equipped. Its always great seeing people behaving responsibly and preparing themselves and others to face the necessary dangers of driving.

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