Frank assails bonuses paid to executives at AIG – Yahoo! Finance

Echoing outrage expressed on both sides of the political aisle in the wake of revelations that American International Group will pay roughly $165 million in bonuses, Frank said he believes it’s time to shake up the company.

“These people may have a right to their bonuses. They don’t have a right to their jobs forever,” said Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.


Wow Rep. Barney Frank, if they don’t have the right to keep  their jobs forever, why is the government giving them money to stay afloat.  Either they are too big to fail or they can’t keep jobs forever; you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  Make up your mind.

via Frank assails bonuses paid to executives at AIG – Yahoo! Finance.


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One response to “Frank assails bonuses paid to executives at AIG – Yahoo! Finance”

  1. anamericanidiot says :

    Good point. I still don’t think the failures in senior executive positions at AIG deserve a bonus. I suspect you don’t either and perhaps you agree the company should have been allowed to die. After all we bailed out the US banks and primarily the AIG bailout money bailed out foreign concerns that AIG was providing CDS to.

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