Private Charged In Death of Girl Found in the Barracks

“Private Timothy Bennitt was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Leah King on February 15. He is also charged with distributing drugs to other soldiers.

King was found dead and another teenage girl was found unconscious in a barracks at Fort Lewis.

Officials have confirmed King died from a toxic combination of Alprazolam, an anti-depressant marketed as Xanax, and Oxymorphone, a pain killer marketed as Opana. According to investigators, some of these drugs were crushed and inhaled in powder form, denying any time-release protection that a pill form might provide.”

Its no wonder his fellow soldiers did not rat him out, he was providing them with drugs!  Hopefully, they can get him to give them names of his dealer(s) and/or those he sells to.  The other thing is, either these two girls either lied to him about there ages or the soldier was dumb enough to do stuff with the girls without asking any questions about age.  This is why you always ask before you do anything with anyone.

via – Fort Lewis Soldier Charged in Death of Teen Found at Barracks – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News.


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