Wells Fargo Bank-owned home damaged by party

Young partygoers arrested for trashing a foreclosed Florida home

FEBRUARY 24–A group of young Floridians invaded a foreclosed home over the weekend and threw a raucous bash that caused about $75,000 in damage and resulted in the arrest of 17 partygoers. According to police, the trashed Fort Myers home, now owned by Wells Fargo Bank, was overrun Friday night by partygoers who broke windows, punched holes in the home’s walls, and spray painted graffiti inside the residence. Deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrested 10 juveniles and 7 adults (aged 18 to 25) on loitering and prowling charges. The adult defendants are pictured in the below mug shots. The underage arrestees were also charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, while the adults were hit with contributing to the delinquency of a minor counts. According to a probable cause statement, sheriff’s deputies found cans of Bud Light beer in the 4000-square-foot home, and party attendees acknowledged that they congregated together “for a party in which alcohol was being served.”


These kids broke into a person’t former home and damaged it?  I think the judge should make them all (including the minors) to pay for the material to repair the home, and then be made to make them selves useful for once and repair the home; while I’m at it, don’t go cheap on the repair materials neither.

The thesmokinggun.com article:   Collateral Damage – February 24, 2009.


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