Two Girls Found in Army Barracks

Entrance to Ft. Lewis Army Base, Washington State

“A 16-year-old girl was found dead and another teenage girl was discovered unconscious in a barracks on this Army base south of Tacoma, the Army said Monday.

In a statement issued about 36 hours after base emergency personnel responded to a 911 call early Sunday morning, Fort Lewis spokesman Joe Piek said a Madigan Army Medical Center doctor declared one girl dead at the scene. The second teen was taken to Madigan for emergency medical care and was reported in stable condition Monday.”

All I have to say is that this better not by what it sounds like to me.  What it sounds like is some 18/19 year old private into younger girls had them over, planning to do some drugs before engageing in intercourse, but something went wrong with the drugs.  Then again, this is just my opinion.  Later in the article, they do menione a soldier was questioned. article:,2933,494124,00.html

FOX Seattle:


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