Awful Food Served to Military not Served to Prisoners

Prisoners wouldn’t be allowed to eat such crap, but contractors and cooks within the military allow our men and women serving our country to eat it. Contracts need to be stoped and cooks and others in charge need to loose jobs over this.

Even if you had no power to stop it, someone within the chain of from contractor to the trays held by the soldiers should have stopped this by calling the press, or calling higher ups to complain about what our hard working solders are eating.

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The Army blames the state of Wisconsin for mismanaging the multimillion-dollar food service contract at Fort McCoy in 2005 and 2006. A state official who oversaw the contract acknowledged problems but testified that shoddy Army facilities were largely at fault.

More than 100,000 reserve and active military personnel from all branches receive training at Fort McCoy every year. The western Wisconsin base has also served as the point of mobilization and demobilization for tens of thousands of troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The food problems were made public this month in records related to a federal lawsuit filed by the state asking a judge to throw out a $225,000 arbitration ruling in favor of Janet Dickey, a manager hired by the state to work with food service contractor Blackstone Consulting Inc.

If the food came at all, bugs were sometimes companions, and food workers didn’t always follow basic safety rules, according to testimony recently made public.

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