In Moore Trouble Again

MIchael Moore has, allegedly, used a photographer’s photo against his wishes. The photographer is now suing for copyright infringement.
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Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore may wind up in court with a prize-winning journalist who claims the mountain-size moviemaker ripped off his most famous photo to use in a George W. Bush-bashing rant.

Last year, to illustrate one of his anti-administration bombasts, the portly polemicist posted on his Web site a heartbreaking photo from Iraq of an American soldier carrying the blood-spattered body of a child.

The picture was snapped by acclaimed independent war correspondent Michael Yon, who has been very careful about how his images are distributed and goes out of his way to make sure they aren’t used for demagogic diatribes.

Yon – a Special Forces vet posts regular dispatches from the front at, which are featured on To many, he is considered as the “Ernie Pyle of our time.”

Now, the fed-up photojournalist has told his lawyer to ready a lawsuit against Moore for copyright infringement.

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