New Lawsuit Against Obama; Status As a Citizen Questioned

The Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network has teamed with new legal counsel, in Texas, and Oklahoma, to force Barack H. Obama ( President-Elect ) of the United States of America to produce a Certified Birth Certificate from the state of Hawaii ( or other state ) in compliance with the United States Constitution.A public trust fund is currently being established which will be represented by the legal office of Todd Nalagan: Norman, OK, in which all funds donated, and given, as financial support will be used to ensure the success of legal counsel. This trust is public, which means that anyone wanting to know how the money is being used, and to whom it is being paid and for what reason(s) is public information.Currently, a phone number is being set up as a support line for any inquires being made to Mr. Nalagan’s office. We’ll post that number in the next day or so. More information is being readied as we have just started this process. Please check back soon as information will be updated as needed. Note that a special page here on the Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network and on Lan Lamphere’s website will be created with all the details once we have them established and are able to make them public.

If this group of lawyers and radio heads can make this work, can you imagine the ramifications?  Any law, executive order, budget, etc. he signs would become null and void–monies would be returned to and from the U.S.A. I can’t even begin to fathom what that would do to an already fragile budget, and economy.

More information on this can be found here:

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One response to “New Lawsuit Against Obama; Status As a Citizen Questioned”

  1. lisa says :

    Ummmm I have listened to Lan Lamhere for a few weeks now and as far as I’m concerned Lan isn’t to be trusted. I have heard him flip flop back and forth and ride the coat tails of Berg to get his unknown radio station known then flip back to Andy Martin. I decided to check out Lan and hes passed bad checks and made up a phony story about UFO’s with one of his friends to make money. Mr berg has a better chance than Lan and Lan has no time, he wasted it trying to get famous from other peoples misery.

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