Van der Sloot in the sex trade!

Dutch TV reporter Peter De Vries, according to FOXNews, is now reporting that Joran Van der Sloot (pictured left) is involved in the sex trade of selling Thai women.  The report continues stateing that the hidden video, “which was shown Sunday night on Dutch television, shows Van der Sloot telling someone posing as a sex-industry boss that he can get passports for Thai women and girls who think they are going to the Netherlands to work as dancers”, and continues to mention, “Van der Sloot makes about $13,000 for every woman sold into prostitution in the Netherlands, De Vries claims. “The pictures show how little respect this 21-year-old has for the lives of others,” De Vries told a Dutch newspaper. “The fact that he goes into the trafficking of women after the disappearance of Natalee is typical of him.”.  This reporter won an Emmy last year where he catches Van der Sloot on video admitting to dumping Holloway’s body after she died of what appeared to be a seizure while they were kissing.

Wow!  “Typical of him”?  OMG!  This bottom dragging thug-wannabe needs to be locked up!

The story:,2933,449294,00.html


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