Steve Jobs didn’t invent the iPod? A hoax?

A British citizen, Kane Kramer, now lays claim to the invention; he claims he did so back in 1979.

In reading the pdf document, it seems like something feasible only with the internet, which was only available en mass since the early 1990s (so his central server idea holds no water with me).

I am calling this a hoax.

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Jobs, you didn’t invent the iPod —

Hey, Steve I did.

So says Kane Kramer, a luckless Briton who claims he developed a portable digital music player way back in 1979.

Sketches posted on Kramer’s Web site show a rectangular device, dubbed the PIXYS, with a large screen on the upper part of the face, a four-way directional pad below that and a headphone jack on the very top.

It looks more like Microsoft’s Zune than an iPod, but the resemblance to either machine is striking.

Accompanying the sketches is a PDF of an undated 9-page typewritten document proposing a data delivery system called IXI, whereby music stored on a centralized server would be transmitted over telephone lines to record shops.

At the shops, PIXYS owners would pay to have their devices refilled with new songs. Unfortunately, the PIXYS could hold only one four-minute song at a time, so customers would have to keep coming back an awful lot.

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