Carson Murder Warrants Unsealed

The “boys” that have been charged with Eve Carson’s death told a police informant that they have admitted to her that they both pulled her from her home, pulled $1,400 from her bank account, and they both shot her. The rest in the clip preview:

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  • The informant said Carson was forced into the back seat of her Toyota Highlander with Atwater and that Lovette drove Carson’s car – information police said is consistent with ATM surveillance video.
  • After his arrest on March 12, Atwater admitted to investigators it was him in a surveillance photo taken at a BP convenience store in Durham at around the same time someone tried to use Carson’s ATM card.
  • Atwater identified Lovette in an ATM surveillance photo taken the same morning Carson was shot.
  • During a crime scene examination of Carson’s SUV, investigators found a partial shoeprint on a Bank of America receipt that was generated when Lovette and Atwater allegedly made a withdrawal from Carson’s account.
  • Detectives had probable cause to believe a sexual assault of an unknown nature occurred and asked for hair, saliva and blood samples from Atwater and Lovette.
  • Police were searching for a shogun and/or a .25 caliber pistol.
  • Other new details from the warrants:

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