Gloucester High School Not Doing Its Mission Statement

Wanting your children to grow up to be “productive citizens”? They won’t in Gloucester High School. This is the home of the 17 girls that are pregnant via a pact they made as early as last year.

The mission of Gloucester High School is to produce graduates with foundation knowledge and fundamental skills necessary for productive citizenship. To achieve these results, instruction is purposeful, engaging, relevant and rigorous. A culture of positive relationship building and personalization within the school and the community encourages and supports self-reliance and problem-solving for success.
GHS Main Office

Main Office: (978)-281-9870
Fax: (978)-281-9733

Guidance: (978)-281-9874
Attendance: (978)-281-9866
Office Hours: 7-5 M-F
All Phone Numbers
Dr. Joseph Sullivan
Assistant Principal
Dr. William Goodwin
GHS Health Services

Eileen Tebo (Nurse)
Phone: (978)-281-9868

Kimberly Daly, NP
Phone: (978)-281-3901
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