Great New Search Engine

Blog posting update:
Per the request of Katie Conry at Powerset, a link to the query, so other can query it as well, is being added; the query link:

It’s called Powerset. Its really cool. You go to, and insert your search criteria in the search box. As an initial search, I searched for North Carolina. Within the search results is a feature called “Factz from Wikipedia”; I learned that Clemson University, near Lake Hartwell, offers such activities as boating, rafting, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and even backpacking. Who knew a North Carolina university offered so much! To the left is a screen shot of my search.


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  1. Mark Johnson says :

    Cool! Note that you can also click the “more” button at the bottom of Factz to see even more stuff that we found about North Carolina.

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