…says that, “Vista contains a number of new security features that, taken together, are designed to make Windows Vista-based PCs more secure and your online experiences safer. The improvements are designed to help you have:

  • A PC protected from viruses, worms, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software
  • A safer online experience for you and your family
  • An understanding of when your PC is unsafe, and the control and guidance to help improve your security”


However, has sources that say otherwise. They says Windows has, “fixed the glitches that used to make it easy for viruses, worms and other problems to wreck PCs. But other avenues for attack are always evolving. ‘Microsoft has made the core of the operating system more secure, but they’ve really solved, by and large, yesterday’s problems,’ said Oliver Friedrichs, director of emerging technologies at antivirus vendor Symantec Corp”.


But which is the truth? It is probably somewhere in the middle. Don’t secrurity companies solve problems after they occur anyway? Aren’t virus fixes made after they are unleashed onto the interet to inflict pain onto the international community? So what is so different about Microsoft’s security team? Why was this news for FOX? Could it be that FOX is in competition with MSNBC?


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