Dunn Police Fear Gang Retaliation

This gang thing that our young people are doing has gotten out of hand and out of control. These gangs are the terrorists of our streets and need to be taken out. I’m surprised that these gang members haven’t gottten out since gang founder Tookie’s life sentence was followed through in California. Tookie “reformed” himself by writing books about how kids shouldn’t be in a gang, yet he won’t give the police any information about the inner-workings of the gangs; remember him, they had stories about him.

This thing in Dunn, NC is just an extention of that, in that gangs are willing to kill whomever, whereever they fill is necessary, and they won’t stop until they, too, are taken out, if not by a gun on the street, then by either the chair or the needle after sitting in jail for twenty years.

The Dunn, NC story, an exclusive of WNCN-TV(NBC 17) of the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville TV market is here: http://www.nbc17.com/news/9734713/detail.html


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